How Screen printed shirts are made in Cape Coral

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This blog post is to help you truly understand how much work is involved in making shirts!

we thought it would be helpful to show you what happens each time we have a job to print.


The first step is you sending us your artwork  to inked signs and apparel  in Cape Coral when you place your order with us, or let us design your custom artwork or logo.

Once we have the artwork has been approved and is high quality print ready, a proof will be sent for approval.

Our proofs will show you the ink colors to be screen printed on your order, the print size dimensions for your artwork, and it will confirm the specific print locations to be printed on the T Shirts you have chosen.

At this time, you can instruct the art and printing department to make any changes you would like. Sizing, color, and screen printed location can all be revised. All of this will ensure that we provide you the customer with the highest quality screen printed shirt out of our facility in Cape Coral.

We will no screen print your job until you are satisfied with your proof and you have specifically approved it for printing. We’ll work with you until you are 100% satisfied with your future screen printed design!


After the  custom artwork has been approved, we need to output the film that we use to make the screens.

The Printed films will then burned onto emulsion coated screen for a strong clean and crisps stencil that will leave a superior screen printed print.

Once the art is completely approved in-house we send the job to our screen dept.

The first step in the screen department is to coat the screens with a photosensitive emulsion


Next, the screen dries, and it is placed on the vacuum light table exposure table for processing. At our high quality screen printing facility in Cape Coral Florida we provide the highest screen burning equipment to ensure a print with the best possible definition on your newly custom printed shirts. 

The Final Touches:

After being exposed the screens are then washed out with a pressure washer at around 1300 psi.
Once the image is washed out, it is double checked with the films for accuracy.


The Actual Screen Printing Process for a finished shirt:

Each color in the design needs a screen and each screen must be blocked, taped, setup, and squeegeed.

Just imagine if we had to do this each time a t-shirt was ordered. You can see why screen printing was designed to print quality shirts in bulk quantities.

For smaller runs, we may use one of our manual screen printing commercial presses. For the larger runs with more colors, we use our 8 head automatic press from Anatol.

By “flashing” or drying the ink  on the shirt between each color layer, we are able to give you bright, professional quality printing, with years of wear and tear 🙂

Our Screen printed shirts



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