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Vector Graphic Designs and Artwork

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Vector VS Raster images –

Here is a quick overview of what differentiates RASTER vs VECTOR images.


Raster images are designs that are dot based images, such as live action shots. We all know and understand that live pictures simply cannot be printed past their resolution standard. Once an images is stretched you will began to see a blurry image and a non crisp picture. To demonstrate this, I will use Rusnell Marine Construction. The customer came into our graphic design facility in Cape Coral, FL to have some signs and screen printing done. The customer provided an images that was very blurry in raster format. ( jpg, png, tif, examples of raster file extension.) Below you will see the Raster image that was submitted.









Vector images are comprised of line art. This uses mathematical reasoning, with the use of lines, curves, shapes to make complex images. Do to the line art of a vector file, our graphic designers are able to stretch you logo to ANY size, from tiny 1″ letters to 40 foot banners and still keep the exact crisp quality of the image, logo, etc. Below you will find a quick vector conversion that was performed by our graphic designer in our facility at INKed in Cape Coral, FL.


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