Difference between inks used for screen printing

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Why we take our inks seriously at INKed!

Inked Signs and Apparel has put major emphasis in always thriving to deliver our customers the best looking shirts! Screen Printing inks have so much involvement as to how a finish custom shirt will look and feel. Here in Cape Coral / Fort Myers, we continually educate ourselves on the new and improved screen printing industry standards of today. We will always choose quality screen printing inks over budget / cheap supplies. We look at it this way, our screen printing brand is represented by everyone wearing our shirts or products in the street everyday. Providing long lasting shirts / apparel and prints ensures that we keep our customers happy and continually gain new customers! The following is a quick review of the different options when screen printing a shirt.

Platisol Screen Printing Inks

This ink is the most widely used in the shirt / screen printing industry. Here in our Cape Coral / Fort Myers facility we use Plastisol inks over 50% of the time. This ink is a thick screen printing ink that is PVC based, when heated the inks fuses together on the shirts to feel like rubber or plastic on top of the fabric. This ink sits on top of the shirt. Here at INKed, we have master working with plastisol inks, in a manner that we have the ability to make this ink feel very soft and not feel like someone placed a trash bag over you T shirt. This ink can be used on a wide array of material / fabrics such asĀ  –

  • Dry Fit or Polyester Athletic apparel Shirts
  • Cotton Shirts
  • Polyester / Cotton Shirts
  • Polyester / Rayon / Cotton Shirts ( also known as Tri Blend Shirts )
  • Bamboo Shirts
  • Organic Cotton Shirts

Plastisol inks are formulated for different types of shirts. For example, Dri Fit Polyester shirts have a tendency to bleed. When printing these shirts, a LOW BLEED INK is necessary. LOW Bleed INKS cure at a lower temperature when placed through the dryer. Since the color of polyester shirts tends to bleed into the inks screen printed on the shirts, this lower temperature keeps the shirts dye from bleeding. This is an example of why you should trust and choose INKed Signs and Apparel, our knowledge ensures you are getting a quality product. Click here to see our screen printed shirts portfolio.

Example of shirts printed with Plastisol inks

Waterbased Screen Printing Inks